Province Capital: Arak


Markazi Province Description


Markazi is one of the industrial provinces of Iran and has various natural attractions such as Place not specified, the wintering place of birds, mountainous and desert areas, and can be a destination for nature lovers, birdwatchers, climbers and desert tourists. Its Giveh and copper-working  is known 

A province located at the intersection of the two mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros, and is struggling with three different climates. Markazi province, due to the high mountains, which make up over 75% of its area,  being close to the central margin of Iran, adjacent to the desert and salt lake, has three types of semi-arid climate, temperate mountainous with cold winters and temperate summers, snowy winters and cool summers. Wheat, barley, cotton, pomegranate, almonds, walnuts, legumes, sunflowers and grapes are produced in the province.

Mountains, lakes, plains, and springs are the natural attractions of this area. Plains such as Masileh Plain, Saveh Plain, Zarand Plain, Shazand Plain and Farahan Plain, and Lakes like Meyghan Lake, Khorheh Lake, Ghasemabad Lake, Meyghan Desert Wetland.

The mountains of the central province are twofold, one of the central mountains in the cities of Kamijan and Tafresh, such as Mount Gond Ghermez, and the Zagros Mountains in the south of the province, the Rassund mountains in the south of Shazand and the Sefid Khani mountains in the south of [location type=city slug= arak-city] are among the most important mountains in the province and Shahbaz Peak, the highest of them. Fountains like: Fountains of Emarat, Abbas Abad Springs, Panjali, Eskan, Anjedan and ... are among the natural and spectacular places in the central province.

The Taymareh area in Markazi province has the most important and most complete historical rocks. This complex is located in the city of Khomein. Historical sites and mansions such as the glass tower, Mil-e Miluneh, Douhak Caravanserai, Ardemin castle and many other monuments that can be visited in this province.