West Azerbaijan


Province Capital: Urmia


West Azerbaijan Province Description


The ethnic and linguistic diversity of West Azerbaijan has made it an important travel destination. A borderland that has many unknown attractions for tourists.

West Azerbaijan is located in the northwestern part of Iran, which forms part of the Zagros Mountains, Which like a wall separated the province from Turkey and Iraq. Of the most important of these mountain peaks, it is possible to mention the Ararat, as well as the Aghiridagh, which are often snow-covered. The mountainous region and the abundance of rivers that are caused by the melting of snow are of great importance in agriculture. Apples and grapes are important products of the province.
There are many ancient and historical sites in this province, including: Takht-e-Solomon or Azargushsnab fire temple in Takht-e-Soleyman village, Hasanlu Mountains, located 7 km from Naghadeh, and the most important work of the "Hasanlu Cup" belonging to the Iron Age.

Lake Urumieh is one of the most famous natural attractions in the province, the second largest lake in the world, and the national park of Urumieh Lake.