Siatan and Balouchestan



Sistsn and Balouchestan Province Description

Sistan and Baluchestan Province is located along the Oman Sea and in the south-east of the country. The land of the Baluch people and Sistani who chose to live in a hard land. The two districts of Sistan and Baluchistan, with distinct differences in the climate and tribal peoples, form the province.

Sistan is [location type=city slug=zabol-city] and surrounding towns, and Balochistan is from location type=city slug=zahedan-city], the provincial capital to Place not specified. The province has borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan from the north and east. This region has the lowest population density in the country. The important position of the province near the Oman Sea has made Chabahar a free economical port.

What has made Sistan and Baluchestan special, is a natural beauty and having mountainous and swampy areas in different parts of it. Seeing the mangrove forests in the Balouchestan Govater and the sacred figs in the Lipar near Chabahar is the result of the tenacity and beauty of nature.
Hirmand (Helmand) River is located in the north of the province, which forms the largest freshwater lake in the world. Unfortunately, in some parts of the province people have to travel about 4 km to get drinking water.

The south of the province leads to the Oman Sea with a mountainous nature. Monsoon winds and proximity to the sea have given the region a different climate. High average temperature and low volatility are the main characteristics of the region's climate. In a general division, it can be said that the areas of Iranshahr , Zabol and Bahookalat, desert climate and Zahedan, Khash, Saravan and Chabahar, semi-arid climates, and Bom posht mountainous area in the south of Saravan and stretching It is mild to mid-desert climate to the east to the Bashakerd mountains. The eastern of highlands and low plateaus between them is a semi-desert with cold winters.

 The roads of Sistan and Baluchestan are a kind of attraction. On the road from Chabahar to Govater's port, there are miniature or Martian mountains with beauty and magnificence. The mountains are in white and the gray color. The beauty of the sea has doubled this road. Along this path there is a pink wetland. Wetlands near the sea are pink and close to mountains are gray-white. By reaching the village of Tis, which is itself 2500 years old, the Martian mountains ends.

Another natural attraction of this province is the mud volcano. A mud volcano near Tang port, located 100 km from Chabahar, is 100 meters high with a hole about two meters deep. Mud volcanos near Bandar Konarak and Kahir Plain are level with the ground.

Historical and natural places such as Qasemabad, the burned city, the ancient city of Zaranj, the protected area of Hamoun, as well as the Mount Khajeh, which is one of the major heights of the province, can be named. These places are located in Balochistan and near Zabul.

Near the Khash town are places such as Lar tower, Taftan volcanic peaks.

Saravan is one of the eastern cities of the province, that a high-grade clay is its attraction, with which the pottery of Kalporagan is boomed.