East Azerbaijan


Province Capital: Tabriz


East Azerbaijan Province Description

The mountainous and fertile region is one of the most prominent ones in the Lighvan Plain on the slopes of Sahand Mountain. This province is the destination of tourists who are eager to nature, canvas and especially food - due to the good food of the people of Tabriz. The visit of Urmia Lake, along with birds, especially the beautiful flamingos, is worth noting.

East Azerbaijan is located in the northwestern part of Iran and is the bridge between Iran and the countries of the Caucasus and Europe. Like other Northwest provinces, it also has high mountains, which has led to moderate and somewhat cold weather.

Silent Sahand volcano, fluttering through a lush green plain, is one of the most prominent natural places in this province. Livestock is one of the thriving businesses in the region thanks to the mountainous plains, and the dairies of this region are very famous. Lighvan cheese is the product of this region.

On the other hand, Lake Urmia, which shines like a turquoise ring on the border between the province and West Azerbaijan , is one of the most beautiful and unique attractions in the area.

What excites the trip to East Azerbaijan is the continuous viewing of its diverse attractions: the intact nature with waterfalls, springs, caves. Attractions such as the ruined mill Falls, the Bostanabad spa spa, Place not specified an ...

 Cultural attractions are also abundant in this province. The Kandovan village is one of the most spectacular places in the area that connects every tourist. The collection of the Jolfa churches is a collection of world-class recordings among the lush green valleys along the Arus border.

The city [place type=city slug=tabriz-city] is also a different story from various natural and historical points of view to handicrafts, among which the Tabriz carpet has a reputation, and there is no view of the language that admires the astonishing handbags.