Province Capital: Gorgan


Golestan Province Description

Golestan Province is an important destination for cultural tourists, nature tourism. It is tempting to see the Golestan forest, which is one of the Hirkani forests. With the fact that the presence of Turkmens with their particular culture, the province has also been interesting for ecotourists.

A lush province bounded by the west to the Caspian Sea and located in a temperate and humid region. The specific geographic location of this province is a factor for having a diverse climate. Some parts are Mountains and other parts are plain. Golestan, with its forest cover, rivers, mountains and waterfalls, is one of the concerns for foreign and Iranian tourists, which has boosted its economy. Gorgan and Gonbad Kavoos are the historical cities of this province. Gonbad-e-Kavus Tower, the world's tallest brick tower, Golestan National Park, Loveh Waterfall, Kaboodulal Furry Falls, Asuradeh Island, one of the islands of the sea Caspian Sea, is one of the tourist attractions and attracts many guests every year. The Turkmen Sahara border is spectacular near Ashourade.