Province Capital: Qom


Qom Province Description


The desert and historical province in Dasht-e-Kavir desert and on the margin of Salt Lake. The city of Qom is a religious city in which the shrine of Masoumeh is located.

Qom is a province located in the dry and semi-dry region of Iran. There are different weather conditions in different parts of the province.  The weather is temperate at high altitudes and in other areas are warm and dry. In this province, wheat, barley, pistachio, and cotton are cultivated. In the south of Qom province, Ardehal's highlands are located, the tallest mountain - Aligh -is located in the Tafresh highlands. In the eastern part of the province is the Masileh plain drawn to Hoze Soltan Salt Lake , these areas are part of the natural and beautiful attractions of the province. Historic and spectacular regions of Qom include Masoome Holy Shrine , Qom Bazar , Gonbad sabaz Garden , Imam Khomeini House , Molasadra House , Faizia-e-Qom School and Jamkaran Mosque , baths of Haj Asgar Khan, Vashno Cave, Qal'eh Khorabad and ... .