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Akbaryeh Garden


South Khorasan Birjand

Entertainment Historical

It was registered in June 10, 1999 Natural Point


Akbaryeh Garden

Bagh-e-Akbarye is one of the nine Persian Gardens has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. This beautiful garden with its tall trees is one of the main sights in Birjand . There are a pavilliom inside the garden which have mirror room deisigned with western painting style. 

Some times there are some ceremonies specially in Nowruz, like as handmade or home-made crafts, or some traditional dance or music performances.

Targol image

Targol - Masood

on 1396/06/08


It;s a real Persian garden in a city inside dessert. With big and old Trees. In Nowrooz its more better to go there because of the ceremonies have been held there.