Ebn-e-Hesam Khusfi Tomb


South Khorasan Khusf



Ebn-e-Hesam Khusfi Tomb

The tomb of Ibn Hosam Khosfi, a prominent poet of the fifteenth century, lies above rock in the northern margin of the city Khusf . The tomb is more than 500 years old and is one of the most famous works of the province South Khorasan . It is based on the Safavid period.

The building has a dome-shaped chip-shaped map and three arches in three directions. Also inside the tomb is a white tile script that contains the poems of Ibn Hesam that surrounds the tomb.

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Targol - Masood

on 1396/06/08

مشرف بر باغستان

آرامگاه بر باغ‌های شهر مشرف است و هر چند متعلقات بنا در شب تعطیل است اما نور پردازی خوبی دارد.