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Persian Cuisine

Iran is Not only rich in climate, language and ethnical but also diverse in food. Iran is a good destination for food tourism.

Iran is Not only rich in climate, language and ethnical but also diverse in food. Iran is a good destination for food tourism. 

Getting familiar with a country's food is a one way of recognizing its culture. Culture and society habits are represented by ingredients, recipe, decorating and color of the foods. I dare say that food is building block of a country and a nation identity. In Iranian culture, Food has a special place in a way that you can not imagine a ceremony or a traditional rituals without food.

Food in Iran is as diverse as its folks. Each folk cook differently and use different ingredients based on geographical conditions they live in. As most of the people are Moslem, all the foods are Halal.

recipes for cooking meals in Iran are developed in order to make a balanced taste which makes Iranian food unique and special. 

You can find rice, the vegetables, meet, chicken, grains and a pinch of spice( mostly saffron and turmeric) in every Iranian dish. In formal dishes, there is always rice and meat. there is also bread beside every food. bread is a gift and sacred and one of the most important meals. After bread, rice is the usual meal of Iranians.

Traditional drinks in Iran are famous and popular like: tea, dough and herbal tea with medical effects.

Deserts are important and based on the culture of the country, like: Fereni, Shole zard, Halva, ...

Some of popular meals are Polo(rice), Abgoosht, cholo kabab, kabab and Ash.

In north of Iran, rice is served with fish, local stews, all kind of vegetable. The vegetables are consumed more than meat. Rice is the main food. they even had it in the breakfasts. they mostly used fresh foodstuffs in every season as they appear in Bazar. In west and north-west which is mountainous and animal husbandry is popular, they consume all kind of kebabs and also Ash and Dolmeh with bread and rice. In centeral and east parts stews and ash are popular. In south, they cook seafoods with a lot of spice.

In Tehran and big cities you can find international restaurants. Italian restaurants are the most popular. 


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