You can examine all different type of transportation in Iran but Bus is the most popular one then air and rail. You can Sail in South.

Due to Iran's geographic location, Iran benefits from all three types of land transport (rail and road), sea and air. Road transport has more fans among all types of transportation for a variety of reasons. In addition to the petrol price, the network of Iranian roads is relatively good and most of the country is covered by road. Over the past decade, using private car are increasing.

Land Transportation: Railways and Roads


Road transportation in Iran is more developed than rail, all cities and more villages of the country are linked by asphalt roads.

Except for certain routes, the use of an inter-city bus network is simpler than the train, and is even more suitable for closed cities. It should be noted that the number of road accidents in Iran has been higher than global average, which has somewhat insecure the roads in Iran.

The bus ticket can be purchased at the terminals or travel agencies' offices, either by telephone or through Internet sites. Most cities have at least one passenger terminal, usually located on the outsides of the city. In Tehran, due to the large size of the city, several terminals are active in different parts of the city.

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Using the train is one of the safest ways to travel in Iran, and the number of rail accidents in Iran is very small. If you travel to some cities like Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Zahedan, Bandar Abbas or Ahwaz, using the train is very safe and at the same time convenient. Tickets can be made through visiting the offices of travel agencies or railway stations or by shopping online from the following two sites. Currently, only from Istanbul to Tehran (and vice versa) there is the possibility of cross-country rail travel.

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Maritime Transportation

Maritime transport is limited in south in Persian Gulf and Omman sea. In Persian Gulf, it is limitted between its ports and its islands. In fact, cruises are only possible in four provinces of Hormozgan , Khuzestan , Place not found and Siatan and Balouchestan . The only complexity of sea journeys is atmospheric problems, and the movement of vessels is canceled if the weather is unfavorable until the weather returns to stable conditions. So try to check the area you are looking for before purchasing a ticket or travel weather and see if there are no severe winds or unstable weather.

Buying a voyage ticket is also available on-demand in the quay and via Internet shopping.


With more than 70 airports, Iran has a large airport network. All the centers of the province and the big cities have an airport. But the daily flights program is not performed from all these airports, and many of these airports are limited to some major cities or only Tehran.

Buying a ticket for various types of flight lines in Iran is also provided through the Internet. You can also receive a flight card at the airport by your National code or Pasport noumber. In addition, there are tourism and travel service offices in all cities of Iran.

Even if you are from outside Iran, one of the best and most affordable ways to travel to Iran from some parts of the world is to use Iranian flight lines.


Note: It is mandatory for all Internet purchases to have a bank card and password.

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