Birjand City Culture

Diversity in agricultural products, Handicraft, Folk music and ... All these in Birjand

Like other people of South Khorasan , Birjand residents speak “Farsi dary”, which has a different accent in some words. Birjandian people have a warm-hearted character and they have gained this attitude by neighboring warm desert and this warmth can be felt  through the local songs. Music is a inseparable part of South Khorasan culture & in most of parties and traditional ceremonies they performed along with “the dance of wood”  & for sure it is an eye catching event.

In Birjand the old cultures still stand, not as it was before but residents are trying to keep their roots & believes, like “shabe chele’ ceremony which is a traditional party in the first night of winter in order to bring hope to watch the sun again in cold season.

The majority of the inhabitants are religious & ShiE is their belief. they have many religious ceremonies and they have performed  in 2 months, Moharam & Safar.

The outfit of this region is based on the climate & geografic features but these days it is very rare to put on. CHehel tiser, Ghorot, Shalite, Arkhalogh & Charghad are some of the vast outfits which are made from wool & other natural materials.


Handy crafts are the symbol of civilization’s history and it can indicate the creativity & feelings of their creators, in Birjand, like other parts of Iran, handy crafts relieved deep & rich culture of the territory. Arts like Kilim Weaving , Course Weaving ,Pottery & Carpet Weaving .


Along with the handy crafts, there are a vast variety of agriculture products that might tempt visitors to buy as a valuable souvenir, goods like Almonds, Barberry, Saffron, Berry, Grape, Figs, Jujubes  & Prune.

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