Zanjan Province Culture

مردمی با عطر سخاوت و مهمان‌نوازی

Being famous for hospitality people in Zanjan are mostly Shia Muslims, they live together with other minorities. Locals mainly speak in Azeri (a dialect of Turkish); Tati is also spoken in some parts of the province specially in the mountain region. 
The traditional costumes are another important cultural element. Pooshin is a piece of fabric women wear as headband in addition to their scarf called Yashmaq. Their multipiece colourful clothing is a combination of Quink (top dress), Jelizqeh (vest), Sheliteh (Short Skirt) and long large trousers. Charooq is what they wear for shoes. Men in Zanjan wear suits with a Kacheh Burk (hat). Their shoes are called Giveh or Chariq (made of leather). these costumes are less seen as a result of the modernization. 
As for language, poetry and music, Zanjan is related partly to Azari cultural heritage, traditionally represented by Ashiqs musicians.

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