Yalan Dunes Description

Rig Yalan is the vast area of sand dunes

In the eastern part of the Lut desert, at the intersection of three provinces South Khorasan from the south, Kerman from east and Siatan and Balouchestan in the northwest; massive gatherings And there is the beauty of windmill structures that have formed the hills of great sand; the area is 10,000 square meters, which is called Rig Yilan.
Rig Yelan has a rectangular shape and is drawn from north to south; the height of the sand dunes increases from north to center and decreases from center to south.
The sandy mountains are located at the edge of this area and far from each other. As far as the center of the Rig Yelan, the distance between the mountains is less and ultimately interconnected, in this region 120-day winds of Sistan have made sand dunes that are sloping and can be He said the holes are considered to be severe areas of the Rig Yilan.
In the Rig Yalan region, the vegetation is narrowly distributed, which is significantly reduced in the northern part and in the central area. The vegetation of this area is made up of more passionate plants, such as Nissi, Tak and Scanbill. In addition to vegetation, the animals that require little water have chosen the Jalan region for life; Sandy Fox, Jarde, Snake, Agama, Pamswaki, and so on; up to now, there have been seven bird species identified in this region, five of which are native to desert areas And two other species of migratory birds; hawks, scourges, amphibians and others.
One of the best routes to reach the Rig Yilan is the village southwest of the town Nehbandan , located 35 kilometers to Rig Yelan, palm trees The lush, lush greenery of this village, alongside the sand dunes of the Lut desert, is a beautiful and wonderful scenery for every visitor.

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