Esfahak Village Description

اصفهک در ۳۸ کیلومتری طبس قراردارد. بافت قدیمی آن، که به سبب زلزله تخریب شده هم‌چنان پابرجاست

Esfahak is a historical village located in 35km east of Tabas , which severely damaged in terrible earthsuake that happened in 1978. Following the reconstruction efforts that began immediately after the earthquake, survivors settled in houses in the westren part of the historic zone. 

The unique landscape of the village, along with all the sweet memories of past life in the village that despite the passage of many years still remained, were some of the factors which established the idea of restoration and returning to the historic village. Surviving the vilage delimitation of building and zoning of passages were the first actions have done with the help of the village administration and some of the young villagers in 2012-2013. 

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