Boshrouyeh Girl Castle Description

Castle "Boshrouyeh Girl" is one of the fortresses of Isma'iliya in southern Khorasan

Boshrooyeh Castle is located 12 kilometers west of Boshrouyeh .
What remains of the tower and the walls of the fortress indicates its defensive and offensive and the "Boshruyah daughter" castle is one of the fortresses of the Isma'iliyah in South Khorasan and the pottery obtained in it belongs to The seventh to the ninth century AH. This castle was one of the Qomistan fortresses of the Ismailis in the seventh century AH, but some believe that the fortress is the Sassanid period and the Ismailies have rebuilt it. The walls of the castle are built on impenetrable precipices, and it is said that the walls somtimes had been cutted. The only way to enter is the doors to the south which set you on higher ground.
Upon climbing the slopes and before reaching the main site of the castle fortifications, there are works from a chamber that seems to have been an abbot. In the middle of the castle, there are spaces that, according to their walls, covered with sandwich, are clearly watered. These water cabinets follow the existing spaces and do not have a definite shape. In 4 different levels, you can see the towers and eventually reach the center of the castle, which is the great location of the area, so that if each level and tower collapses, then the resistance can be in the next stage. The castle has a number of corridors in the rooms of the cistern and tower.
Water cisterns have no definite shape and are shaped according to the high altitude. The spaces above the summit should be used to the maximum. For this reason, everywhere they have a good space, they are storing water in any form to feed the thirst. The water cisterns are different from each other and seem to have been interconnected to fill one another with a breakthrough.
The castle towers are made in different directions at different levels and sizes, and are made of a large number of rocks and rubble. Fortress facilities include water storage, food storage tanks, towers, rest rooms for Shah's guardians, warehouses, most of them destroyed by atmospheric and environmental factors.

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