Birjand City Description

the mountainous capital of south Khorasan province, best known for its barberry, saffron and juju

Nicknamed as city of pines and city of culture, Birjand is the capital of South Khorasan . It was once an important city in Qohestan region where was a part of greater Khorasan.

Birjand is an arid area and has desert weather with hot summers and cold winters. There is also a significant difference between day and night temperatures. 

Birjand has been the first city of Iran equipped with tap water system. It is said that Shokatiyeh School in Birjand was the third modern public school of higher education in Iran.

Birjand apart from its desert surrounding it, has a few green big gardens like Akbaryeh Garden registerd as world's heritage. You can see old tall pines all around the city.

Birjand's carpets are showing themselves with their special color and design and the city is proud of that. You can find carpets in City Bazar and around Imam Khomeini Square.

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