‌Birjand in 2 Days

A travel suggestion for Birjand city

We strongly recommend that spend your first day in live & magnificent city of Birjand , you can use Place not specified. In second day you should visit the villages around the city. At dawn, take a car and go to the Makhunik village where had been known as Iran’s Lilliput not just due to the height of inhabitants but also because of its unique architecture with short walls & roofs. The outfit of this region is called “Balochi”. It only takes an hour to visit the village but you would need more time if you tend to communicate with local people. They still bake their own bred & technology has not influenced their lives yet.

Leave Makhunik to Chenesht , through the mountain path you can reach “chanesht” & the place is famous for its traditional colorful women cloth along with a magnificent rural design.

Birjand Chenesht Iran Iran Touring Makhunik South Khorasan

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