Hurshid Doll

Totam Doll is a new design doll based on a historical model

Totem doll called “khorshid khanom” is the new product of hurshid female artists (hur ecolodge) which designed based on traditionalbelieves, the doll can prohibit bad luck and eyesore, due to the superstitious faith, in east part of Isfahan desert. "khorshid khanom" totem have been used in infants' swaddling clothes, tree branches, home entrance and carpet scaffolds from ancient times . It is the first time that this two dimensional designs are turned into three dimensional dolls and hurshid in pioneer in this process. A circle and triangle forming the doll, the circle represent water and sun whereas triangle has been the symbol of "Anahita" the watergoddess, the female and fertility protector. The products has been made by left over clothes, carpet left over’s wool, some seeds and coins. Manufacturing the "khorshid khanom" doll is an art-environment motion which helps the local economics (by selling goods to the tourists as a souvenir) without harming the environment.\

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