Hedayat School

This building was built in 1928 as the first school in Town of Nehbandan at the beginning of the Pahlavi era. This school is a building inside an area, and the floor is about 60 cm higher than ground level.

The most important feature is the principle of its symmetry, so that, by creating a hub for Northeast and Southwest, the architectural elements are created symmetrically on either side of this axis. The building to the southwest and northeast sides has two pillared porches. Each of the porches has four square columns extending to inside the building. The interior of this building consists of a wide corridor with six rooms. The hall is located along the axis of the building, across the porch and on the two sides to the room. On each side of the hall are three rooms which are covered by arch roofs. Each room had four roofs where between these roofs are domical coverings. The halls are covered in rock. Each of the rooms with two windows overlooks into the courtyard. Access to the roof is possible by a series of steps on the northeast side of the porch. Materials used in the construction of the adobe, brick facing, straw, plaster and wood for the doors and windows.

The building registered as Natinal Heritage in 2000.

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