Province Capital: Zanjan


Zanjan Province Description

Along with handmade Knife Making and Filigree - delicate handicrafts of Zanjan people, Dome of Soltanieh - the oldest double-shell dome in Iran and Katale-khor Cave make your journey to this part of Iran entirely exciting.

Located in the north-west of Iran with mountains and cold weather, Zanjan is a province which agriculture plays an important role in people’s occupation.  It is gifted with numerous waterfalls, lakes and water springs. When visiting Zanjan, natural attractions like Hashtarkhan and Shar Shar waterfalls, Pari Mahneshan lake, Garmab hot spring, Sar Cheshmeh aqueduct, Zarring cave and much more worth seeing.

Of the most famous historical and ancient monuments in Zanjan you can visit Dome of Soltanieh, Zanjan Bazar, Darayi and Zolfaghari Buildings, underground city of Dezhmandeh, Rakhshtshoykhane Building (the Laundry Room), Sardar Bridge, Malek, Haj Ebrahim and Sangi Caravansaries, Delshad Hammam, Mehr and Tashvir Castles and a number of mosques and museums. 
These unique elements are a proof to the valuable and antique aspects of this region and the old culture of its people.