South Khorasan


Province Capital: Birjand


South Khorasan Province Description

South Khorasan Province - once a part of Great Khorasan - is located in the east of Iran and in the neighborhood of Lut Desert .

To the east, it has a long border with Afghanistan. It is the third largest province of Iran and also include Tabas city with an area of 57.000 square kilometers as the largest county in the Middle Eastern. The province was a part of Quhistan ancient region where consist of some parts of Khorasan (in Iran) and Afghanistan (neighbour country).

This area has an overall arid climate but there is also a semi-arid climate in mountainous regions. Sistan's 120-day wind is one of the geographical features of the area causing dust storm, and flour wheat at the same time. The wind helps traditional Windmills to provide power.

South Khorasan province has various things to experience, its natural attractions like Lut desert World Heritage in Deh Salm , its village architecture specially near Tabas like Korit or Esfahak and ... , handicrafts and crops. Some of these products have a global reputation like Saffron.