North Khorasan


Province Capital: Bojnurd


North Korasan Province Description

A province in the semi-desert region, But its highlands has given it another color. The diversity of the tribes and the climate of the northern Khorasan has made it a suitable destination for travel, tourism, and ecotourists.

A province in the northeast of the country, with the peaks of Kopedag and Aladagh on the one hand and the proximity to the desert, on the other hand, has caused climate variation and particular conditions. Due to the expansion of mountainous areas, its climate is often temperate mountainous. But parts of the south of the province have desert and semi-desert climate because of its proximity to the central desert. The good variety of products is due to its diverse, semi-mountainous climate. Agricultural products such as wheat, barley, grapes, tree apples, cherries and legumes are cultivated in this province.

The massive and protected forests and wildlife sanctuary of Miandasht have the spectacular views and varied species of plant and animal that are among the most prominent areas of the province. It is important to have a wildlife sanctuary that is a habitat for Asian cheetah.

Beautiful valleys, waterfalls, caves, forest and recreational parks are among the many attractions of the northern Khorasan province. The lush slopes of Aladagh and Kopet Dagh alpines such as Shah Jahan, Saluk, Qurkhod, Yaman Daghi and Boz Daghi are suitable for winter sports, climbing and rock climbing.

One of the tourist attractions of this province is hot springs, which are used due to the useful minerals, the therapeutic properties and the proper temperature due to geothermal and chemical reactions. Among these are warm and mineral waters Ayoub Payambar Hot water spring , Beshghardash in Bojnurd .

The semi-arid parts of the province are located in the area of Jajarm city, which is full of stars in the night and a sunny and long sunshine throughout the day, plains, vegetated hills, Rocks, salt levels, each of which is spectacular.

One of the most important historical attractions of the province is the castle of Jalal al-Din in Gharma, the historic city of Bolgheys in Esfarayen, the castle of Suluk in Esfarayn,  Mofakham's mirror house and the mansion in Bojnourd, the hill of Arg (Naderi hill) Shirvan, ...