Province Capital: Ardabil


Ardabil Province Description

Sabalan peak, Neur lake, Fandoglu jungle is a natural scenery of the province. Next to it, the Sheikh Safi Mausoleum registered as a World Heritage Site is the destination for tourists, nature lovers and climbers in the province.
Ardabil province, located in the northwest of Iran, is a border province, and the Aras River is a common border between Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan in the province. It has a warm, temperate Mediterranean climate as well as a cool and temperate mountain range, which is considered one of the coldest regions of Iran. The time period of the cold in this area is five to eight months a year. Shorabil Lake is used to irrigate agriculture. The nature of Ardabil province is kind and beautiful, the presence of Sabalan (Savalan) Mountain alone is sufficient for a beautiful nature, a volcanic offshore at an altitude of 4811 m, in the southeast Meshgin Shahr . There are several other mountains in the province, the most important of which are the tourist attractions, the mountain range of Salavat, the mountains of Baghroo and Bozghush. One of the most important naturalistic activities that can be done in Ardebil province is the summer tourism in the lush Sabalan slopes, the presence of Muyil valleys and Shirvan Darrasi valley, climbing in the natural valleys of these valleys, skiing and winter sports in Alvares Ski Resort , Fandoghlo Ski Resort and visit nomads located in the summer pastures.

The cool weather in the summer and spring is one of the characteristics of the area for tourism. The presence of mineral spa springs, especially in Sarein , has provided an opportunity for the province to attract a large number of tourists.

In Ardebil province, especially in the Khalkhal area, there are many small and large caves, the most important of which are the Yakhghan Cave, Yadi Euler Cave, Dzhalal-Abad Cave.

Another area of ​​tourism in this province is the tomb of Shi'asfiddin Ardebili, one of the ten most important archaeological works of the country. This work is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Ardebil Market, Pottery Hall,Kohne-Ghalae in Meshkinshahr, Sheikh Heydar's tomb is one of the most valuable places to visit.