The art of decorating the surface of objects through the arrangement of regular geometric shapes of wood, bone and ...

Khatam is said to be regular polygons with a number of different faces in different colors. The craftsmanship of fine, delicate, and well-worked handicrafts requires careful preparation. The most important centers in Iran are Isfahan , Shiraz and Tehran .
In principle, with the precise alignment of triangles of wood, metal or bone, geometric shapes come together with different faces and create beautiful motifs on the surface of the object. The triangles that adorn the surface of the object are finer and more regular, the higher the quality of the crochet.
To create a small and tiny plot, we need at least three triangles and for the largest order, we need a maximum of 400 triangles.
The raw materials needed to make Khatam include: wood species like; ebony, betel, walnut, rice, jujube, orange, etc., the types of bones used for greater strength, such as: bone and ivory, camel and horse bones, Metal wires of the type: rice, aluminum and ..., oysters, serijh, lacquer.
The tools used to make Khatam include: cutting machines, saws, sowings, gravels, presses, clamps, locking rods, straps and all kinds of adhesives.
The woods that are chosen for work should be left without knots and cracks in order to obtain a straightforward geometric shapes of woodcutting.
The work begins with the selection of wood and a variety of bones in different colors; in the next step, they cut with special tools; wood and bone (in dimensions: 30 cm in length and 1 to 2.5 mm in diameter); these cuttings have the same and the same triangles And then the sides of the triangles are submerged to smooth and smooth, steel wire rods are cut at 70 cm in size, they form in the form of triangular grooves, and the field of work is ready for mounting the cut pieces, working with the layout and pasting the triangles on The thin wooden piece is followed with the help of his head to advance the design and role Reinforced, after reaching this stage, the work of the workpiece is put on various objects such as boxes, tables, chairs, frames, and so on. At the end of the work, the surface is lubricated to shine and protect the work.
In some cases, they use gold, silver and ivory to mark off the quality of the work. Among the flowers that play on the crochet, you can find: crochet, feathers, cloudy, nine layers of flowers, sixs and lusts, beta jhhayy, two colors and ....

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