Iran Handicraft

Iran has more then 100 types of Handicrafts all around the country.

The latest definition of handicrafts is: Handicrafts are a collection of "art-industry" that mainly uses indigenous raw materials and partly the basic stages of production is done with the help of hand and hand tools in order to produce and manufacture products which in each of them artistic taste and creativity are manifested as a constructive artisan, and this is the main factor distinguishing such products from the same artifacts  machine and factory made.

Handicrafts can be both workshop and home-based, and can be deployed in the city and the countryside, and without the need for advanced technology, reliant on native and traditional experts, and most of the raw material is consumed from the interior and locally supplied. In addition, craftsmanship has artistic and consuming features simultaneously and can be called a "art-industry". 

Since 1964, with the establishment of the World Crafts Council (WCC), as one of the UNESCO affiliated organizations, traditional handicrafts and crafts are considered as "art-industry" as part of the cultural life and economic life of nations. The organization announced June 20 as the World Handicrafts Day that coincides with the same day in Iran as the annual handicrafts exhibition begins for 10 days.

Undoubtedly, crafts are the most famous traditional Iranian art and in the meantime, the city of Place not specified is known as the capital of handicrafts in Iran . There are currently more than 100 kinds of handicrafts in Iran, which is significant in the world. Although many types of disciplines currently need more support and attention, the main actors in this field are women, and in some areas, in spite of the water crisis, it is being addressed as alternative livelihoods.

In your trip pay attention to local production. Many of these products can be used as appliances and are a great alternative to factory made products. While they typically have a better quality and price, they can help local production and employment for the local community.

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