Dyeing and Printing

Traditional printing on fabric is done with two types of tools and in two way. Dyeing also do by natural or chemical materials.


Traditional prints are made on the fabric by brush or stamp. In advance, the fabric should be washed for whitening.

Batik printing is on silk fabrics. In this print type, brushes are applied with wax impregnated on the fabric, and after painting the places where the wax has been white, and the other parts are stained, after painting, washing the wax from the fabric is separated And fixed to the hot air with a rugged shape. This type of printing is common in Tabriz.
In the calico printingl, the role is transferred to the fabric by a wooden stamp. The roles shown in this print are carved on sturdy pear trees, and then played with the colors of the maximum, four colors, on cotton fabrics. This type of printing is very popular today in Isfahan .


In traditional dyeing, fibers and natural materials in the past are painted using natural materials and, and in newer days by ink.

In the past, some insects also used to dye, including a kind of insect for red clor that is used specially in carpet weaving..

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Cities where Dyeing and Printing is prevalent