Balouch Embriodery

یکی از انواع رودوزی‌ها از بین گونه های مختلف صنایع دستی ایران که در منطقه سیستان و بلوچستان رواج دارد.

A special kind of embriodery is speciallly do with Balouch people and mostly done in the province Place not specified. Since the Baluch people still retain their traditional coverage, these rotundos are still prevalent among Baluch girls and women. Girls learn this art from their mothers or sisters from childhood, and the designs and colors of these designs are transmitted generation-to-generation method, among girls and women.

Balouch Balouch Embriodery Embriodery Embroidery Handicraft Iran Siatan and Balouchestan سوزندوزی


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