Towel Weaving

Towel weaving is a kind of Handicraft in Iran and one of the oldest craft in different areas like South Khorasan, Golestan and Semnan.

Towel weaving is one of the oldest craft in different areas like South KhorasanGolestan  and Semnan

Traditional textile, today as in the pasrt with the use of traditional and relatively complex instruments, two or four Verdi and simple tools, which are very important in terms of originality enthusiasts. With trhe help of these device bays, woof investment with unlimitted color variations with regular movement of the hands and feet caused by the type of raw material are used for the production of fabrics.

The weaving of towel products include all kinds of hand, face and bath  towels. cloth for bread, filters, handkerchiefs, Chador-Shab, head scarves and etc. 

(from the CHHT od South Khorasan)

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Cities where Towel Weaving is prevalent