The goals of Dastafarid souvenir shops

Your Buying from Dastafarid souvenir shops, help us to sustain the local economy!

Addressing decreasing sustainability, climate change and other assaults on the environment has become the global concern of the new millennium. Governments, businesses and private citizens worldwide are marshaling substantial resources and ingenuity to tackle these problems. None of them can succeed alone. Sustainability is an issue which embodies the concept of the connected world. 

Since women make up half of the world population, their role in achieving sustainability objectives cannot be eliminated. The main goal of the current project is the production of handmade quality products by rural and tribal communities to create a sustainable economy in these communities.

Dastafarid souvenir shops present authentic Iranian handicraft in order to benefit local people. 

Your Buying from Dastafarid, help us to sustain the local economy!

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