Edge of leaving and staying!

Nayband Desert Walk in the area between the villages of Esfandiar and Zarjestan, from 11 to 13 Dec

Walking on the Naiband Desert in the area between the villages of Esfandiar and Zardhgah, from 11 to 13 December 1394 with 24 people.

We met again from the desert of Esfandiar village. The village is full of water at the foot of the mountain and on the upstream plain plain plain. The old texture of the village was an old town, with beautiful muddled houses and lofty alleys. What you do not see in today's cement-and-polished houses ... Perhaps the story of past lives was in the same houses, which means, and if you put other people to this village, their people, like their homes, would be empty of spirit. Today, however, we are happy, and through the flowers of saffron, which have not yet been handicapped, we drew the old memories of the village.

We had breakfast in the village of Dahyar, with the date palm and the local butter and the rush of preparing for the desert. Leaving Esfandiar and letting it go to the desert. A wounded desert from the rumble of truckloads that sweep through the depths of its mines. We try to get away so that there is no news for the people. We are and endless bounds.

Al-Haq, who takes this wilderness hard, not only tough people. Blue if you are passionate! The hot and cold water and the caravanseray that is dormant at the side of it is a short time for us to sleep in the unrelenting wind of the night. We have to start. We have made a decision. We have to go. We have to take our baggage and find that the Nayband Mountains are. Go to that empty floor that reads us.

After lunch, the walk started. We started our journey along the driver's look and Vahid, who was separated from us. We still do not believe that we are going. But the cheerful and gay guys have set off. This is a desert program that we plan with Massoud, and I am his custodian, but I'm still scared. Mountaineering, though, I do not waste any time on winter routes. Gss is Yasir's hand. The intention is for kids to get on the road with gps. I say, if anyone wants to learn, this is the field of action. Yasser walks through the gps track, and in the future, they will endure a few. The weather is good neither hot nor cold. The clouds have come to our aid and have dimmed the sun. Today we have to go further. We continue in our darkness and are fatigued over some of the steps. At the foot of the hills, we stay at night. The children have put their hands on the way. Despite the gentle weather of the night, the heat of the fire brings together the members of the group. We remember the last year we had a cold snap, and what was the salvation of the helpless headmaster at midnight from the cold !!!

We are on the way to the dawn and the shots taken and my screams have been a long way. Our perspectives are changing from plain to mountain and from mountain to hill. Seeing the reptile creeping in the desert is also an opportunity to see the creature except ourselves.

The McGrawling Observatory is our favorite haven for a relaxing break and we are delighted with the human-made structures that promise the closeness of the path to the end.

We are supposed to reach the village of Zardastana at night. But the end of the route and its ups and downs will not allow this, and we will spend a warm little night at the foot of Mount Naibend. The windy wind is rainy, and both us and the wilderness are happy. We are not caught by the cold and the rain, and the joyous wilderness is coming from the rain and the grass again.

The next morning and the last hours of the survey in the dry river bed, and the bottom of the eroded rocks from the water and we suddenly see ourselves above the village. Sleeping peaceful houses in the middle of the mountain and looking at palm and citrus gardens. The hot blue water is flowing from the ground and Vahid has come to our enthusiasm with the kindly villagers. Alas, the Zardastha is now empty, and everyone is dead. A beautiful village has been sacrificed for cement houses, and I think that people will return to this calm again.

In order to remove fatigue and dust, we will throw water into hot water and bring our hunger and fatigue with tasty bread and delicious glory. I have to go back and I still hesitate and phoney I'm hesitant to go and go !!! What land and land on which to lay down again?

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