Tabas Fort Description

A historic monument in Tabas dating back to 1000 years ago

Tabas fort is one of historical monuments in Tabas which date back to 1000 years ago. the fort has seen lots of accidents and damages and so it has been restored many times. In 1875, it was restord during the time Emadolmolk was the ruller of the city. In last decades and before the earthquack if Shahrivar, 1978, an old poor man ,named Sayed Ali Mirza, lived there with the help of visitors. He died in earthquack.

The fort demolished in 1978 earthquack. Cultural Heritage Organization began to restore the fort in last decade by removing the debris and some walls and corridors appeared again. during that time tthe body of  Sayed Ali Mirza was found and burried int fort and became a part of the history of the fort.

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