Razavi Khorasan Province Description

A part of great Khorasan, the city of Mashhad is the religious tourism centre of Iran, with its natural and historical attractions for tourists

Khorasan Razavi is part of the great Khorasan, its capital Mashhad is also the religious capital of Iran. Religious tourism is the main destination of this province. Despite the natural and historical attractions and architecture such as tombs of Ferdowsi, Khayyam, Nadir Shah and Binalood and Hezar-Masjed Mountains, it is the destination for tourists and nature tourists and climbers.

The province, a large part of which consists of desert and semi-desert areas and has a warm and dry climate, is located in the northeast of Iran. The name of the province is tied to saffron, which is called red gold. The cultivation of this product is higher due to the weather conditions and low water requirements in the south of the province. The geological structure of this province is such that it contains a lot of mines, such as the turquoise mine in Neyshabur , which is of great significance, Sangan Khaf Iron Ore Mining, one of the largest rock iron mines in Iran and the Middle East.

The eighth Shiite Imam Shrine is in the center of Khorasan province in Mashhad , and this has caused many foreign travelers and tourists to travel to the city every year, especially at religious times. In such times, the population of Mashhad increases to 2 to 3 times its standard. This province has long been the land of science and culture, and great scholars and poets like Ferdowsi, Khajeh Nasir, Khayyam and Attar lived in this province.

The numerous monuments in the province show the historic aspect of the region. Such buildings as Rivend Temple and Chahartaghi in Baze Hoor, Sassanid Remain Collection, Sheikh Ahmad Jam Monastery, Karat Tower,Ghyasyh School Khargerd , Qasbah historical qanat, Khayyam tomb, Attar and Khaje Rabi, the village of Chubin and the collection of museums of Astan Quds.

Nature is different and unique in Khorasan Razavi province. Cities like Neyshabur, Binaloud, Kalat Naderi, Quchan, Chenaran, Daregaz in the Binalud and Hezar-masjid mountains, with attractions such as climbing, caving, Natural landscapes, waterfalls gather tourists. On the other hand, the cities of Bajestan, Kashmar, Gonabad and Bardsakan having different species of plants, wildlife and natural phenomena such as warm mineral waters and calcareous caves, salt dunes, Tandoureh Protected Area Lake Bazangan in Sarakhs, as well as some human phenomena such as qanats, bums and ancient caravanserais and the possibility of astrological studies, attract more travelers. The hills are also spectacular.

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