Mazandaran Province Description

The plain and forest land on the Caspian coast with beautiful roads of Haraz and Chalous, and Damavand Peak the icon of Iran

Mazandaran is always lush and in northern Iran with the moderate, humid and mountainous weather.
The land where the beautiful roads of Haraz and Chalus and the icon of Iran, Mount Damavand, are located. At the same time, it is a provincial coast, located in the range of the Alborz mountain range alongside the Hirkani jungles, and the destination for travelers, nature tourism, and eco-tourist attracts the attention of climbers.

The Alborz mountain range, like a wall, divides Mazandaran into two regions, the southern regions, which is mountainous and the northern regions, which are plain. The existence of the Caspian Sea and the Alborz mountain range in this province created a miracle that is spectacular.

The Caspian Sea plays an important role in the people's economy of the city. Agriculture is also the main economic activity of the region. Agricultural products such as rice, orange, mandarin, kiwi, and peach are produced in the province. The special geography of the region leads to the formation of many natural attractions, forests, plains, grasslands, sandy beaches, numerous waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, abundant waterfalls, and many other attractions known the Iranian icon as Damavand Mountian , which is the highest peak in Iran. The presence of these attractions, together with each other, has transformed the province into a vast tourist area that attracts many travelers every season.

Damavand Peak, Alam-Kuh , Shoormast Lake, Ramsar swan Lake, Wolasht Lake, spring of Badab Surt, Lar Dam, Yakhi waterfalls, Amiri Waterfall, Lar Waterfall, Harijan Waterfall, Javaherdeh Waterfall, Seyyed Sang Waterfall in Sari, Amiri hunting grounds, Miankale Peninsula, Javaherdeh, Azroo Hot Springs, Ramsar Hot Springs, Shayadeh Forest, two thousand and three thousand forests and many other areas, including other attractions which is itself a world.

Since the land has been the seat of rulers and merchants and Khans for its good and pleasant climate, there are many historical sites, most of which remain beautiful and valuable. The Museum of Babol, the Cultural Complex of Kandulus in Kajoor, the Natural History Museum of Khooshkedaran along the main road of Tonekabon, Ramsar Palace, Jahannama Palace and  Sari , Calar Hill and many other buildings that have multiplied the natural beauty of this province.

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