Martian Mountains Description

Sedimentary mountains that have become strange because of the erosion of wind and rain, 5km West

Miniature mountains or Martian mountains are located 5 kilometers west of the city Nehbandan , which is one kilometer wide and 25 kilometers long and one of the most geologically beautiful geologically  phenomenon in eastern Iran.
This kind of mountains in Iran exists only in Chabahar and Nehbandan cities. Miniature mountains in Nehbandan is considered one of the most important hotspots in the city. The height of some of them is only five meters, and as these mountains are located next to each other and with particular complexity and with different sizes, they are referred to as miniatures. These mountains are sedimentary and dentate types that are formed due to rain and wind erosion, and  in red and gray colors. The observation of the sky in the starful nights of Nehbandan is one of the attractive features of this area.

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