Khajou Bridge Description

Khaju Bridge, which is located on the east of Si-o-Seh Pol Bridge on the Zayandeh Rud River, is one of the historical and architectural attractions for tourism

Khaju Bridge was built at the time of Shah Abbas II in the city of Place not specified, on Zayandeh Rud and in the east of Place not specified.

In the middle of the Khaju Bridge, a special building, known as the Beglarbeigy, was created for the temporary residence of the Safavid Shah and his family and is still there. Its arches have very beautiful painted decorations. This bridge is remarkable for its tile architecture and decoration. The length of the bridge is 133 meters and its width is 12 meters. They also called the bridge other names, but it is famous for the Khaju Bridge as it is in the Khaju neighborhood.

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