Kang Kohan Ecolodge Description

The Kang Kohan ecolodge is the first one in the Kang village

The Kang Kohan ecolodge is the first one in the village, located in the center of the stepped texture. This 2-storey building consists of 4-double-room units and 4 single-room, its architeture is native with thatched walls, a ceiling, wooden doors and windows, which give a sense of tranquility and life.

There is a tes house on the ground floor which serves a veriety of local herbal tea, furthermore the accomodation units are situated on this floor. Each unit has a foreigh-Iranian toilet and bath exclusively.

The central kitchen, the tea house and resturant are located on the ground floor, which serve local food and local herbal tea. 

The tourist can order and eat their local food in the resturant with indigenous-style.

BeCause of its historical and stepped style of the village (the yard of the above building in the roof of the building below), no car is able to travel whithin residential area of the village. so, since you park the car, you will spend less time walking through the unique stepped style and architecture of the village to reach the residence. 

This residence is licensed by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization.

All travelers and the residence are under insurancein case of probable incidents. One of the attractions of this rural house is the heating appliances. Using Korsi (a type of low table found in Iran, whith a heater underneath it, and blankets over it) in the chill of snowy winter and clean and fresh weather of Kang can make an exciting experience for you to enjoy. There are also fire wood heaters in this  residence, which are a traditional element of this native house.

Due to the cold wethear of Kang village in the summer, there is no need to use a cooling appliance although there are also ceiling fans.