Kang Village Describtion

Kang village is located near Mashhad, in the last point of Kang Valley. Kang has the hiking trail and the nature of tiny and large riveres.

Kang stepped village is located at 19 kilometres west of Torghabeh and 29 kilometres from  Mashhad . It is the last village located on the central axis of Kang Valley, which can be reached through a paved road from Mashhad to Torghabeh and passing through the village of Noghondar to Kang.

"Kang village: is estimated to be 3000 years old, which back to pre-Islamic age, studying the sacred books of Zoroatrianism reveals to be even older.

The tomb of Sheikh Abdullah has also been located in the village and has been recorded in Cultural Heritage Organization. You can also visit the spectacular attractions og Kang Village including the old mosque and Tekyeh of the vilaage with more than 150 years of age, the historic Kang cometery, which has been nationally registered, the ThghMian peak, The Hesar castle, Kang waterfall, the hiking trail and the nature of tiny and large riveres.

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