Gomishan Wetland Description

.A wetland in the north east part of Caspian sea with the chance of watching birds during the year

Gomishan is a coastal wetland in the north east part of the Caspian sea that lay down from south to the north up to the Turkmenistan border. Diversity in planet and lentic become this wetland is home of different birds in summer and winter.Some birds like Lesser White-fronted Goose, Red-neched Grebe, Little Bittern, Red-crested Pochard, Little BustardPenduline Tit.  and Red-neched Phalarope immigrate to this wetland duriung the winter.

Some parts of the wetland that placed near the border are the refuge for birds to escape form illegal hunters.


Little Grebe – Great Crested Grebe – Red-necked Grebe – Cormorant – Pygmy Cormorant – Dalmation Pelican – Bittern – Little Bittern – Night Heron – Little Egret – Grey Heron – Greater Flamingo – Mute Swan – Whooper Swan – White-fronted Goose – Greylag Goose – Shelduck – Wigeon – Teal – Mallard – Shoveler – Pintail – Pochard – Tufted Duck – Scaup – Long-tailed Duck – Goldeneye – Smew – White-tailed Eagle – Marsh Harrier – Long-legged Buzzard – Greater Spotted Eagle – Kestrel – Lesser Kestrel – Water Rail – Coot – Black-winged Stilt – Collared Partincole – Ringed Plover – Little Ringed Plover – Kentish Plover – White-tailed Plover – Lapwing – Dunlin – Black-tailed Godwit – Curlew – Redshank – Little Gull – Black-headed Gull – Gull-billed Tern – Common Tern – Little Tern – Whiskered Tern – Short-toed Lark – Hooded Crow




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