Fars Province Description

Pars is the land of the Achaemenid rule, Dariush and Cyrus, as well as the land of several nomad tribes.

Pars is the land of the Achaemenid rule, Dariush and Cyrus, as well as the land of several nomad tribes. This province is the destination for ecotorists, climbers and nature lovers in Iran.

This vast province leads to one of the Iranian climates from all corners, from the north and east to the desert areas in the provinces Isfahan and Yazd from the west to the mountainous places Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad and from the south to the coastal provinces Hormozgan and Place not specified. This crossroads has caused Fars to be one of the important nomadic areas in Iran. The people of this province are a mixture of different ethnic groups, but the Persian are more widely spoken, and the mother tongue is mostly Persian, but the Qashqai tribesmen speak Turkish and tribal Khamseh in Arabic.

The region's diverse climate from mountainous to warm and moderate has led Fars to be one of the important agricultural hubs in the country and has a large share of the country's crops.

Fars is also known for its colorful nature. Parishan Lake , Maharlou and Bakhtegan are some of the natural attractions that they are worth seeing and waterfalls that are hidden like the lost paradise in the mountains. Throughout history, this province has always been one of the cradles of civilization. Valuable monuments such as Pasargadae, Persepolis, Bishapur, Gore city and Palace of Ardeshir Babakan in Firoozabad and others represent the historical culture and civilization of Iran in the province. A treasure of the historical markets such as: Bazar-e-Vakil, Jahrom Bazar, and Qaisariyah Bazar in Lar which all continue to operate. The type of architecture and the use of dome and stone arches attract attention in them.

If you go to Fars, do not miss the Iranian gardens. Orange blossom aroma in spring and May in Delgosha Gardens is one of the most nuanced fragrances in the world that has portrayed Shiraz ,the capital of Fars province. Garden of Eram, Delgosha, Afifabad, Narenjestan Qavam, and others brought together the art of man and nature.

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