Eshqabad Wetland Description

An amazing place with a good diversity of birds and adequate plant coverage; too near to Tehran

Too near Tehran and in the way to Ray Fireplace, there is an amazing birdwathching site. Eshghabad is a home of different birds during the year. Inspite of closing to the railway and easy acces, is a good place for different birds even for breeding or immgrant ones.

during the cold monthes some birds like Gadwall, Great grebe choose this wetland for passing the winter as some other birds like Terek Sandpiper in flight, Moustached warbler, Purple heron, European honey buzzard, Blue-cheeked bee-eater come to it during the summer.

The birdes can be seen here: Great Crested Grebe – Great White Egret – Purple Heron – Grey Heron – Spoonbill – Garganey – Mallard – Black Kite – Marsh Harrier – Honey Buzzard – Kestrel – Coot – Moorhen – White-tailed Plover – Dunlin – Broad-billed Sandpiper – Terek Sandpiper – Common Sandpiper – Black-headed Gull – Little Tern – Whiskered Tern – Common Swift – Common Kingfisher – White-throated Bee-eater – European Bee-eater – European Roller – Crested Lark – Moustached Warbler – Great Reed Warbler – Red-backed Shrike - Rufous Bush Robin

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