Deh Salm Village Description

Deh salm and his tall date tree farms

Deh Salm is a village in Place not specified, which has been registered globally. Deh Salm has  a desert climate. Deh Salm is one of the villages that has beautiful tall palm trees, seeing these palm trees along the desert sands has added to the beauty of this area. The occupation of Deh Salm residents is agriculture and animal husbandry.
In the past, Khorasan and Makran were the most important places for moving goods in the trade route between Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan.

Deh Salm, with its palm trees, desert and dome houses and its castles and monuments, is one of the important attractions of the province South Khorasan . At a distance of 30 km south of the village, the beautiful Lut desert, and in the eastern part of the Lut desert show the sand dunes that are famous for the Rigi Yalan Sand Dunes.
Neighboring the desert has caused many deserters and tourists to visit the village every year.


The amazing natural effects of Lut desert

Name Distance to Deh Salm
Rigi Yalan 35 Km
Lut imaginary city 95 km
Shur rivere 135 km
Oval-shaped Kaluts 140 km
Desert Lut Kalutes 155 km
Lut Gandom Beryan 160 km
Nabkha 195 km
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