Baniboom ecotourism charter

Tourism for peace, equality, preserving environment and biodiversity

Baniboom group main goal is to encourage, promote and develop sustainable tourism, respect for the ecosystem and development of skydiving. We believe that sustainable tourism and the preservation of biodiversity will bring peace and prosperity to all people. Baniboom develop a paltform to boost small businesses and introduce bamboo attractions in Iran.

We urge all tourists to pay attention to the following indicators in order to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to prevent global warming, to preserve biodiversity, to protect the culture of nations and indigenous communities:

1. Respect the rights of all humans, plants and animals.

2. Respect the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the communities.

3. Fighting poverty and inequality and realizing the real needs of local communities and taking steps to empower them.

4. Minimize the environmental damaging effects and not be indifferent to it.

5. Promoting social justice and non-violence and being indifferent to it.

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