Chabahar City Description

شهر کوه‌های مریخی و جاده‌های ساحلی که مهم‌ترین بندر آزاد در کشور ایران است

Chabahar is o ne of the Siatan and Balouchestan 's cities located in the coast of the Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Due to its close proximity to the tropical region, Chabahar has the slightest variation in temperature during the seasons, and it has spring weather for most of the day. The city is the only oceanic port of Iran.

Chabahar gives its travelers a beautiful nature with memorable and unforgettable historical attractions. Nature points such as: Martian Mountains, Golf, Tis Sandy Beach, Pink Lagoon, Chabahar Bay, and .... Historical monuments such as the British Telegraph Building, Jinn's Cemetery, Portuguese Castle, and Tis Mosque.

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