Boshrouyeh Mills Description

There are five mills in the qanat of Boshrouyeh , which is about 400 years old

On the western side of the Boshrouyeh city there are five mills built on the city's qanat, known as the first to fifth mills. The mills date back 400 years. The presence of these five water mills in the desert is one of the attractions of this city.
Each of these mills has a circular pit. A branch of the aqueduct is guided by a canal into the reservoir, and after being accumulated in the reservoir, it is directed to the bottom of the mill and pushes the wheels of the mill wheel. The grinding wheel is connected to the stone with a pyramid and, with the rotation of the rock, the wheat is guided into the rock, and then transferred to the sides of the stone after being flooded.
For each, they have a drainage reservoir of 10 to 12 meters high and a high crater diameter of nearly two meters, and in the bottom half of a meter, and a very small canal for the exit of water that moves at least 5 meters from the floor of the wooden turbine. And a very large rock moves steadily on a steady rock and drives the seeds through an unplanned surface from the top of the reservoir and with a guiding vessel that hits the reservoir and then turns into flour when placed between the two levels .
One of the most attractive features in this area is the activation of 3 mills from 5 mills.
The materials used in this structure are square-shaped bricks, stone carcasses, gravel mortars, gypsum, lime, cobblestone and cobblestone.
When it is thought of as a mill, it is a mill with a large blade that drives its huge river water, but the wonder of the mills is that all these mills are located in the basement, and the aqueduct from above the mill is A steep slope of the turbine drives the wood.
Grinders from Boshruyah
The first mill (Soroush), the second (Mirza), the third (Zangi), the fourth (Agha) and the fifth mill (Dahaneh) are well known, which is the oldest mill, and the castle also Boshrouyeh Girl Castle It is in the immediate vicinity.

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