Birjand Old Bazar Description

بازاری با بافت قدیمی که همچنان در حال کسب و کار است

Birjand bazaar is located in old part of the city & its old features has remained untouched, there are several old inns in this bazaar & most of them were used for trader’s offices & trade centers. Some of them back to 300 years ago. Closing to other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan & even Honduras, has made Birjand a well located market in east part of the country (Iran).Those days, Indian traders were coming to birjand & brought all kind of spices from their homeland.

From old times, this bazaar was a center for selling goods like Saffron ,Rug ,Cotton summer, Wheat, Barely, Lentil, Beans, Mushroom, Dried berries, Apricot, Manna & etc. Apart from Old Bazaar, there are other Bazaars: Sudsy Bazaar, Sarpoosh Bazaar, Malek Bazaar (one of the oldest ones), chehkandi Bazaar (a wonderful market for all kind of clothes, foods, carpets, souvenirs & etc)

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