Birjand in One Day

A travel suggestion for Birjand in 1 day

For see sight you should go to nearby villages like Chenesht & Makhunik , knowing cultural aspects museums  and some natural gardens should be visited.

Also Birjand is located among a harsh desert, but it is known for its old pine trees. It is better to start your journey at morning, while passing line of pine trees, reach to Birjand Castle  in ancient  & northern part of the city, you would have an eye catching view of town from upon the castles walls. The next suggestion, Birjand Old Bazar , is located in Imam Khomeini square in the heart of the city & it is center of trade markets such as agricultural products & handicrafts. Walking through the entrance of bazar, ancient wooden doors can be seen which used to be the path for convoys in the past. Birjan old Bazar is the best place for finding some valuable souvenirs. Then Chaharderakht Garden & Kolah Farangi Fort can be visited & and they are near the Birjand Old Bazar. After lunch we suggest you to take a look at  Rahimabad Garden ,it is open from 8AM till 8PM,in this desert region this garden represent itself,  along with small fort & rising trees. Our last offer would be Akbaryeh Garden   in the end of the city with green environment that could even took more time to spend around.

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