Bird Watching

In addition to endemic birds and settlers, different species of birds in Iran pass summer or winter

So far 527 bird species have been seen and registered in Iran. Also, 105 important areas, including wetlands and beaches, have been identified for observing birds in Iran. Due to the diverse climate in different seasons of the year, Iran is welcoming migratory birds from different parts of the world. In the summer, birds of tropical regions migrate to the beaches and wetlands of Iran for a cool summer. Of these, one should mention the variety of cucumbers that migrate to the Anzali Lagoon.

On the other hand, the bulk of migratory birds are birds that migrate to Iran during the winter and settle in the lagoons of the country from the north to the center. Flamingos of Urmia Lake , the only Siberian crane that migrates to Iran and inhabits northern Iran during the winter, are among these birds.

The Pleske's ground jay is the only endemic bird of Iran, the main habitat of which is the Khar turan desert in the center of the country.

The most important points bird species settle in Iran is the Miankaleh Wetland , anzali lagoon, canyrabazan wetland, Persian Gulf shores, Kharturan desert and others.

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