Boshrooye City Culture

See empathy with the desert.

A city on the margin of the desert with gardens of pistachios and pomegranates, people of the Aryan language of their language Persian Dari; with Khorasani dialect. In Boshruyeh, it has attracted its compassion to the Khorasanites and its guests; the guests of the desert margin have, for the sake of this hosted, have worked hard and have been sympathetic with their host for many years; empathy with the desert can be found in the design of Boshrouyeh Mills , which are located in the heart of the earth, are well touched. The inhabitants of Boshruyah are Muslim, and most of them are Shiites.
Rituals and traditions are not the tensions of the past, but still there are those who adhere to the implementation of the tradition and the customs of the Khorasanites. The inhabitants of Bashrooye are believed to be religious believers and believers, and this belief and devotion to their religion and their imams in the religious festivals and mourning months (Muharram and Zero) can be well felt and seen.
Handicrafts and souvenirs
From the art of hand-crafted artists, we can mention: Barak Weaving , Carpet Weaving , adobe carpets and carpets of the role of berghane Bashrooyeh.
To bring this desert city in addition to handicrafts, you can use products such as saffron, grains, cotton and jasmine fruits.

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