Barandaz Reopening Ceremony

Barandaz Lodge reopened at the end of the summer, with the announcement of the Seied Hashem Award. His family and his friends were presented in this ceremony.

On Friday, September 20th, after the unexpected and tragic car accident that killed Sayyed Hashem Tabatabai, the “Tabatabai Lodge” reopened.

Although each year at the same time, at the end of the warm season and with the first foreign guest, the lodge begins its activity, this year has had a different start. This year the Tabatabai family opened the lodge without Seied Hashem. We can't believe his absence, it's look like that he was going to the deserty and still not comming back.

Barandaz lodge opened with the remembrance of Seied and the continuation of his path. We know that it was a very difficult for spouse, Hussein, Ali, Fatima and Seied Morteza his brother, but we sure that Seied wanted it. Farhadzad is alive with Seied Hashem's breath, which must be alive.

Seied Hashem Memories

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