Bagh-e-Golha Ecolodge Description

اقامتگاه بومگردی باغ گلها، در شهر خوش آب و هوای ارسنجان واقع است. اقامت در فضایی آرام و زیبا، به همراه غذاهای محلی و دمنوش را در این اقامتگاه تجربه کنید.

Bagh-e-Golha traditional residence is the first ecolodge in Arsanjan City. Due to the variety of beautiful flowers, the pomegranate, apricot, plantain, berry and ... the ecolodge named Bagh-e-Golha which means Flower Garden.

Guests experience an unforgetteble moments in the cool weather zone of Arsanjan, along with seeing the tourist and historical attractions among the trees and flowers in the black tribal tent, drinking tea and local delicacies, and unique cuisine rooted in Arsanjan's civilization and culture. 

Guests who do not interest to stay, are welcome to visit the residence and have lunch and dinner.

The residence is located in a natural environment surrounded by alleyways, which relaxes every tourist attraction and fits any taste.

Every year in the autumn many tourists will travel here for its pomegranate sauce, which is famous for this city, along with the local Sinai halavans and cinnamon candy and gingerbread and binoculars. The title of the best rationale for your loved ones will be souvenir.

If you are planning to travel to the World Heritage Site of Persepolis and Pasargad, do not miss the residence.

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